Carpet Rightening Machine

Traditional methods of rug-rightening used nails and boards in order to fix any dimensional deformation in the carpet. But the use of these methods causes undesirable defects, like tearing the foundation (warp and weft) or leaving rust marks from nails on the carpet, causing irreparable damage, particularly to finely woven rugs.

With the invention of our rightening-machine, which works as a press for mechanical stretching, it is possible to restore the rug to its desired dimensions with the best results. Compared to traditional methods, this new machine is more precise, faster and easier to use. It is also easy to transport and install.

Nowadays these machines are used in most of the Iranian cities known for carpet making. A large number of them have also been exported abroad to counties like Germany, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Oman, Lebanon, the Emirates, etc.

Rightening is a post-weaving operation performed on rugs to remove their dimensional deformities. Today all high and medium knot-density carpets undergo rightening by the means of these rightening machine. Traditional methods, using nails and hinges, now used only for low knot-density rugs and Gilims, are in the process of being phased out.

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 Plate Dressing Machine:

  1. This machine is equipped with an adjustable plate for controlling the thickness of pile to be removed from the carpet surface.
  2. The machine is light, mobile and easy to transport.
  3. This newly invented model is faster compared to its traditional counterparts.
  4. All shavings are removed by a suction device to minimize air pollution in the workplace, saving the operator from exposure to causes of respiratory and lung problems.


Ergonomic looms are designed to maximize productivity and reduce weaver fatigue and discomfort by taking into account the human body and physique. The weaver is seated on a turning chair and does need to climb to an elevated seat. This kind of loom uses roller beams which result in warp economy. The carpet does not need to be lowered from the loom and looms can be stored with ease due to their uniform dimensions.


Foroohar Carpets can produce all kinds of hand woven carpets with custom sizes and knot densities.

We manufacture large-size custom-made carpets in custom sizes and designs for special buildings and homes.


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